Digital Resolutions is a visual communications agency specializing in golf course photography, marketing and multimedia / web development.


Our solutions and strategies are constructed around the fundamental principle of advertising and promotion:




Along with former stops on the PGA, LPGA  and Sr. tours, our clients include upscale daily-fee courses, high-end

private clubs, ultra-affordable Mom & Pops and many well respected, budget-strapped municipals.


Our work has appeared in numerous publications and

in various capacities, most notably:

     ROBERT TRENT JONES II Co - retail calendar
     EDINBURGH USA - retail screensaver





The battleground for new customers isn't on your golf course, it's on your web site.


Every visit to your web page represents an opportunity to make a sale and a chance to

win new customers, but if the quality of your site doesn't reflect the caliber of your facilities, you could easily be missing out on tens of thousands of opportunities each year

(and hundreds of thousands of dollars.)


Anyone visiting your site is already interested in you, but that is no guarantee of a sale. Many are undecided and need more convincing. Whether it's a single golfer worth $50,

a four-some worth $200, or an event planner with a budget of $10,000, they all want to know if you're worth what you charge and they're looking to your web site for answers.


The surest way of turning these prospects into customers is by rewarding their interest with content that exceeds their expectations.

Most modestly priced courses lack strong web appeal, making them extremely vulnerable

to the few courses who have it. This is where the greatest growth opportunities lie.


A strong web presence reliably and cost effectively performs several critical tasks:

  1. It raises your appeal to everyone who's showing an interest in you by visiting your site.

  2. It respects your audience's intellect and taste by anticipating their preferences and responding to them.

  3. It reinforces and amplifies every other form of marketing, advertising and branding that you already utilize: Print, Broadcast, Social, Direct, SEO, etc.

With your superintendent's approval, our 35 foot bucket truck can be used wherever practical to capture and present your facility from a perspective typically associated with destination courses and tour stops.


Equipped with turf-friendly tires, and a GVW of only 10,200 pounds, it has been allowed onto the courses of some of the most over-protective super's in the business.


After mapping out your course in advance and coordination with the grounds crew, multiple days are spent capturing each hole under ideal conditions and from various vantage points (tee, approach, green, rear view, etc.)


Also captured are the other features, services and amenities that distinguish your facility, such as:

  • Entrance Monument & Tee Signage
  • Clubhouse, Patio, Pro Shop
  • Banquet, Restaurant, Lounge
  • Practice Facilities (range, bunker, green, etc.)
  • Group & Individual Instruction
  • Junior Program & Golf Leagues
  • Pool, Tennis, Spa, Fitness, etc.
  • Locker Rooms & Member Areas

Because event dollars make up a significant portion of many course's revenue stream, we also offer a package of tournament photography, which showcases your facility and its capabilities to the event planners and the large, profitable groups they represent. These images include:

 • Registration Table & Gift Bag
 • Range Setup & Cart Setup
 • Putting Contests
 • Pre-Tournament Instructions & Shotgun Start
 • Hole Contests (Longest Drive, Long Putt, Closest to the Pin, Beat the Pro, etc.)
 • Scoreboard / Leaderboard
 • Award Ceremony & Prizes & Banquet


From the thousands captured, the best images from each location are selected and enhanced as needed, removing divots from tee-boxes, footprints from bunkers, and cart tracks from perfectly striped fairways.


Utility boxes, trash cans and other unsightly objects are also airbrushed out, resulting in an unblemished look at each location, captured under the most dramatic and flattering conditions.

Each hole in the tour has its own animation comprised of multiple images and presented from tee to green. As various fades, transitions, pans & zooms take the audience through your course in dramatic detail, text, graphics, music and
narration can also be incorporated to provide an even richer multimedia experience.

Individual animations are also created for the various amenities and sub pages to your site, including the all
important front page, which will contain a handful of the very best shots, playing in a continuous loop.


The output is HTML5 and CSS3, so it can function on mobile devices and desktop browsers as a stand-alone page,

or as content embedded into other pages, i-frames, or CMSs, like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

We can even turn it into an App, so it can be viewed without an active internet connection.

The files are provided to your site administrator for simple integration into your new or existing page, and if there are ever any questions, we’re only a phone call away.

Along with the endless ways these images can be used digitally, they are also perfectly suited for countless print applications of all types and size, such as: billboards, brochures, scorecards, gift cards, patron cards, yardage books, bag tags, coffee cups, photo prints, screensavers, mousepads, etc.